Hunger Games News: Our 2 year anniversary!

Nowadays many many MANY people are fans of the HG series. But I remember a time when the world wasn’t like this, a time when nobody knew who Peeta Mellark was, a time when someone could look at a crossbow and not immediatley think Katniss, a time when I and a select few others made up the HG fandom. And now, two years later I have come to reflect on thi-…..

Just Kidding! But in all seriousness, I can’t believe that I’ve been an HG fangirl for almost two years! When I first started the series I had tried – in vain- to get my friends to read the series too. But all I had gotten were a bunch of, “Is it about cooking?”‘s and “Is it about people skipping breakfast?”‘s. And now every one is tripping over others to check out the book at the library.

I geuss people look at this situation two ways.

The first being the  group of people who hate when anything that they like becomes popular, so they jump the ship when it gets, “Too mainstream.” *Cough Cough* Twilight Fans.

And then there are the diehard fangirls (or fanboys) who will love and cherish The Hunger Games, until death do they part.

I like to think of myself as one of the latter.

So in honor of my two year anniversary with THG, and also in honor of the upcoming DVD release (August 18th),  I have decided to a top 5 Hunger Games moments! – first book only-

Starting with number 5!!! (Drumroll please)

The Reaping – The way Katniss saved Prim from going into the games was heart wrenching and honostly left me pondering if I would do such a thing for a sibling.

Also Haymitch falling off of the stage was pretty funny!

Number 4

When Clove was about to kill Katniss at the Feast – In the novel this moment was sooooo tense. And I think that Gary Ross did an amazing job capturing this in the movie. Plus I thought Isabelle Fuhrman was an AWESOME Clove, and Dayo Okeniyi an AMAZING Thresh. Even if he only did have one line, he just oozed Thresh-ness. Is that a word? I think I just made it one.

“Just this time 12!”

Number 3

The Cave- The WHOLE TIME. I’m just a romantic sap like that. Enough said.

Number 2

When Rue died – Granted, when I read the book I didn’t really tear up. But when I saw the movie last March, combined with the outbreak in District 11, I was bawling my eyes out and getting some pretty wierd looks from the people next to me…


And Finally

Number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Peeta proclaimed his love during the interview with Caesar Flickerman – OMG this honestly may have been the best few pages of a book I have ever read in my life! Prior to this part in the novel I was getting the impression that Peeta was a bit of a jerk, you know, for not wanted to train with Katniss. But when the truth came out… I literally threw my book across the room in shock. No lie. And I’m not afraid to admit it.


Well, thats the five, I hope you guys agree. And if anyone has any different fond HG memories please put them in the comments below.











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