Are you tech savvy?

Dear imaginary people that I am talking to,

Have you ever wanted to do something with your computer that was outside of your comfort zone. For example, make a clip with that movie maker program that has been on your computer since you bought it but have never used it? Well I just had that glorious experience today, I would rather have pulled my teeth out one by one.

It started with a friend and I just wanting to make a video to be funny. So we shot it and uploaded the clips to my laptop no problem. When it started to go downhill was when I decided it would be a fun idea to add backround music…

We started by going onto itunes and trying to tranfer a song from there to my hardrive, but alas, those precious hours that I spent on that was totally wasted.

Then my friend suggested that we just take the audio from a youtube video and edit that in. Do you know how many video transfering programs there are out there? Maybe 100

Do you know how many worked?


And I tried probably twenty over the course of the entire day, pretty pathetic huh?

I feel like an absolute failure, and my quota of patience has been used up for the day (as my mother so nicely pointed out)

So now I just decided to come to the blogi-sphere to rant my feeling to anyone so unfortunate as to find this page.

Sorry for the crummy post.

I hope that you are having a more rewarding day than I.




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