Wake by Abria Mattina Book Reveiw

I know this has been a long time since… but anyone remember Strung Up In The Air on FF? It was possibly one of the best fan fictions I have ever read in my life. Ever. So when I heard that it had been taken down I was beside myself. “Why?” I ask myself “Would anyone play such a cruel prank on humanity?”

So of course, being the weird creeper that I am, I took to the internet to find out why this horrible horrible thing had happened. To my suprise, it turns out that DeathCabForBritney had PLAGARIZED it from Wake (By: Abria Mattina).

Fast forward to 3 months later, I have just finished all of my summer literary homework and I decide to give Wake a try. Now before I praise this book, I must you all, this book is over 700 pages long. So if you are not a dedicated reader and don’t want to love and cherish this book… read it anyway, just take your time. ūüôā

Let’s get cracking.

Wake takes place in a small town called Smith Falls, in Ottawa. That’s in Canada (obscure Darren Chris reference). And it flip flops between the point of two characters. The first is Jem Harper, he is an 18 year old boy who is recently in remission from cancer, and is living with the toll that it took on him mentally and physically. Then there is Willa Kirk, a girl of the same age, who just moved into town to live with her brother and get a fresh start with her life.

The story is about these two completley different people’s intertwining. And a amazing¬†friendship that blooms from them knowing each other.

If I had to describe this book in one word.


This book does not glamorize anything at all, it illustrates all the aspects of their lives, warts and all. But why would you want it glossed over? I don’t like being lied to, and this book is one of the most truthful things I have read in a long time.

This book was so unbeleivably amazing that I cannot describe it. So just picture this, I finished the novel an hour ago, and yet hear I am, trying to spread the word. because this book NEEDS to get noticed. Abria Mattina need her story to spread and get the recognition she so rightfully deserves. It is just crazy good like that.

I don’t want to give too much away about the story, or deprive anyone of being suprised when they read they book. But if you like friendship, tust, love, and the flaws of humanity then this book IS for you that is all you need¬†to know.



P.S.: Just a warning, I would rate this book and R. If you are not familiar with the human anatomy, this book may be a little disturbing.


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