letter to my future self

I was just on youtube a minute ago… because let’s face it. My life revolves around the internet. It is kind of unhealthy actually. And I saw this video called a conversation with my 12 year old self. The guy in the video actually filmed himself back in 1992 and had a conversation with himself today.


I’m sorry, did you just blow your mind?

Well this sparked a thought in my head. Can I do the same thing? I have hopes and dreams and things I want to do with my life. So it seems like a good idea to get it all on paper (or computer). So in 20 years I can go and dig this up, if we all don’t die on December 21st of course, and be reminded of my aspirations as a 14 year old.

So that’s what I am going to do now. I would post it here but I am going to be telling myself enything and everything. So I don’t think that that would be short enough to go in a post.

I am only really doing this to prompt others to do the same!

Happy writing!



The Future

Right now I am watching the history channel. They are playing a documentary anout America after the bombing of Pearl Harbour: the decisions FDR made, how the country reacted, were the Japanese acting on Nazi orders? and stuff of that sort. Maybe it is just the product of my overactive mind, or maybe everyone is like this, but I am imagining how I would react if I was FDR, ir if I was an average American citizen in 1941, or if I was a victim on the USS Oklahoma?

Do other people think of things of this too?

“For sure.” I think to myself. ” I would enlist in the army, I would fight for the US, I love my country.” But… if I am thinking up my answers to those what if’s then why am I not planning to do those things already? Is wanting to be a writer selfish? Those two things couldn’t be any more polar opposites. Writing lets the mind escape into it’s own world, it takes you away from everything in the real world that troubles you. While doing something like being the army, or being the president, especially in the time of war will throw you into the problems in life 24/7. No breaks. Because that is your life.

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. As I am sure many have. But am I wanting to do it for the wrong reasons? Is is wrong to want to be remembered? The longer I watch the documentary the more selfish I feel. Here I am, sitting in my living room, with my cushy and sheltered lifestyle. When back then in 1941 the Jewish community were living in concentration camps, if they were still alive. Or the Japanese-Americans that were in containment camps in the US just because their eyes were squinty. Honestly! It was the like the McCarthy witch hunts! Even today, there are the Libyians, who are trying to pick up the broken peices of their country. It is getting more and more difficult to want to do things for myself, the longer I sit here thinking of those people. But I am human, I have petty wants. I get all excited over homecoming and the upcoming football games. I can’t ask myself to give that part of my life up. I am going to be living in this town for at least the next four years. How am I going to fing the balence between being egocentric and being heroic?

So many people in the world are sheep, they are just followers, who do nothing important with their lives, they are ignorant and are happy being so. I don’t want to be a sheep. There are enough sheep in the world. I want to be an eagle, I want to soar. But eagles are an endangered species, and it is getting harder and harder and harder for them to make it in the world.

Why are the only people that are getting attention today are celebrities? In my opinion, they don’t deserve it. Although many of those people may be fine and dandy, what have they done for the world? Does acting in front a camera or singing a song on stage make a hero? I fail to comprehend why these people are role models to so many, but have done so little to deserve it.

There are so many people in the world who are amazing. They deserevd to be recogninzed. But they aren’t. Because life isn’t fair. And what I think I have learned recently is that is not that being recognized or beingĀ  remembered that is importnant. For many people aren’t. It is that doing something that you can be proud of, even if isn’t huge. It’s about making a difference, for the right reasons.

If the WWIII broke out. What would you do?

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