New Year Resolutions

Despite my normally pessimistic tendencies, of which I have a lot, I fully embrace the coming of new year welcome the plethora of “New Year New Me” post that litter social media.
Every year I try to take the time to evaluate myself, and my previous year’s accomplishments, inevitably disappoint myself, and set a New Years Resolution, with the promise to do better.
This is what I am doing right now.
I want to become more active, in all aspects of the word. To be frankly honest, I approached this school year, my second school year, my junior year, the most important one, half-heatedly. When I could have been proactive, I was lackadaisical, sliding along.
This is where I draw the line! For this year, I vow to change.
I will approach exercise with the minimum amount of hesitancy possible
I will be aggressive with my schoolwork, so that I am not entirely ashamed when I apply to universities.
I will 50 books. This actually was my New Years Resolution Last year. I read 34.
And finally, I will restart this blog…. which I have forgotten about time over time and have left to collect dust in the catacombs of the internet.

New Year. New Me.



I do not know what is up with Facebook. It seems as if everybody has a Facebook account, and it seems as if more stuff goes on there than at school, where people are face to face I may add. Personally, I have my own personal vendetta against the website, I  am POSITIVELY determined to never get an account there. But it seems as if there is just soooo much stuff that I am missing out on that now, 2 years later, I am tempted to get one. I don’t know. I am confused. This is the suckiest post ever. 

letter to my future self

I was just on youtube a minute ago… because let’s face it. My life revolves around the internet. It is kind of unhealthy actually. And I saw this video called a conversation with my 12 year old self. The guy in the video actually filmed himself back in 1992 and had a conversation with himself today.


I’m sorry, did you just blow your mind?

Well this sparked a thought in my head. Can I do the same thing? I have hopes and dreams and things I want to do with my life. So it seems like a good idea to get it all on paper (or computer). So in 20 years I can go and dig this up, if we all don’t die on December 21st of course, and be reminded of my aspirations as a 14 year old.

So that’s what I am going to do now. I would post it here but I am going to be telling myself enything and everything. So I don’t think that that would be short enough to go in a post.

I am only really doing this to prompt others to do the same!

Happy writing!


The Future

Right now I am watching the history channel. They are playing a documentary anout America after the bombing of Pearl Harbour: the decisions FDR made, how the country reacted, were the Japanese acting on Nazi orders? and stuff of that sort. Maybe it is just the product of my overactive mind, or maybe everyone is like this, but I am imagining how I would react if I was FDR, ir if I was an average American citizen in 1941, or if I was a victim on the USS Oklahoma?

Do other people think of things of this too?

“For sure.” I think to myself. ” I would enlist in the army, I would fight for the US, I love my country.” But… if I am thinking up my answers to those what if’s then why am I not planning to do those things already? Is wanting to be a writer selfish? Those two things couldn’t be any more polar opposites. Writing lets the mind escape into it’s own world, it takes you away from everything in the real world that troubles you. While doing something like being the army, or being the president, especially in the time of war will throw you into the problems in life 24/7. No breaks. Because that is your life.

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. As I am sure many have. But am I wanting to do it for the wrong reasons? Is is wrong to want to be remembered? The longer I watch the documentary the more selfish I feel. Here I am, sitting in my living room, with my cushy and sheltered lifestyle. When back then in 1941 the Jewish community were living in concentration camps, if they were still alive. Or the Japanese-Americans that were in containment camps in the US just because their eyes were squinty. Honestly! It was the like the McCarthy witch hunts! Even today, there are the Libyians, who are trying to pick up the broken peices of their country. It is getting more and more difficult to want to do things for myself, the longer I sit here thinking of those people. But I am human, I have petty wants. I get all excited over homecoming and the upcoming football games. I can’t ask myself to give that part of my life up. I am going to be living in this town for at least the next four years. How am I going to fing the balence between being egocentric and being heroic?

So many people in the world are sheep, they are just followers, who do nothing important with their lives, they are ignorant and are happy being so. I don’t want to be a sheep. There are enough sheep in the world. I want to be an eagle, I want to soar. But eagles are an endangered species, and it is getting harder and harder and harder for them to make it in the world.

Why are the only people that are getting attention today are celebrities? In my opinion, they don’t deserve it. Although many of those people may be fine and dandy, what have they done for the world? Does acting in front a camera or singing a song on stage make a hero? I fail to comprehend why these people are role models to so many, but have done so little to deserve it.

There are so many people in the world who are amazing. They deserevd to be recogninzed. But they aren’t. Because life isn’t fair. And what I think I have learned recently is that is not that being recognized or being  remembered that is importnant. For many people aren’t. It is that doing something that you can be proud of, even if isn’t huge. It’s about making a difference, for the right reasons.

If the WWIII broke out. What would you do?

Wake by Abria Mattina Book Reveiw

I know this has been a long time since… but anyone remember Strung Up In The Air on FF? It was possibly one of the best fan fictions I have ever read in my life. Ever. So when I heard that it had been taken down I was beside myself. “Why?” I ask myself “Would anyone play such a cruel prank on humanity?”

So of course, being the weird creeper that I am, I took to the internet to find out why this horrible horrible thing had happened. To my suprise, it turns out that DeathCabForBritney had PLAGARIZED it from Wake (By: Abria Mattina).

Fast forward to 3 months later, I have just finished all of my summer literary homework and I decide to give Wake a try. Now before I praise this book, I must you all, this book is over 700 pages long. So if you are not a dedicated reader and don’t want to love and cherish this book… read it anyway, just take your time. 🙂

Let’s get cracking.

Wake takes place in a small town called Smith Falls, in Ottawa. That’s in Canada (obscure Darren Chris reference). And it flip flops between the point of two characters. The first is Jem Harper, he is an 18 year old boy who is recently in remission from cancer, and is living with the toll that it took on him mentally and physically. Then there is Willa Kirk, a girl of the same age, who just moved into town to live with her brother and get a fresh start with her life.

The story is about these two completley different people’s intertwining. And a amazing friendship that blooms from them knowing each other.

If I had to describe this book in one word.


This book does not glamorize anything at all, it illustrates all the aspects of their lives, warts and all. But why would you want it glossed over? I don’t like being lied to, and this book is one of the most truthful things I have read in a long time.

This book was so unbeleivably amazing that I cannot describe it. So just picture this, I finished the novel an hour ago, and yet hear I am, trying to spread the word. because this book NEEDS to get noticed. Abria Mattina need her story to spread and get the recognition she so rightfully deserves. It is just crazy good like that.

I don’t want to give too much away about the story, or deprive anyone of being suprised when they read they book. But if you like friendship, tust, love, and the flaws of humanity then this book IS for you that is all you need to know.


                                                                                                                                        – K

P.S.: Just a warning, I would rate this book and R. If you are not familiar with the human anatomy, this book may be a little disturbing.

Are you tech savvy?

Dear imaginary people that I am talking to,

Have you ever wanted to do something with your computer that was outside of your comfort zone. For example, make a clip with that movie maker program that has been on your computer since you bought it but have never used it? Well I just had that glorious experience today, I would rather have pulled my teeth out one by one.

It started with a friend and I just wanting to make a video to be funny. So we shot it and uploaded the clips to my laptop no problem. When it started to go downhill was when I decided it would be a fun idea to add backround music…

We started by going onto itunes and trying to tranfer a song from there to my hardrive, but alas, those precious hours that I spent on that was totally wasted.

Then my friend suggested that we just take the audio from a youtube video and edit that in. Do you know how many video transfering programs there are out there? Maybe 100

Do you know how many worked?


And I tried probably twenty over the course of the entire day, pretty pathetic huh?

I feel like an absolute failure, and my quota of patience has been used up for the day (as my mother so nicely pointed out)

So now I just decided to come to the blogi-sphere to rant my feeling to anyone so unfortunate as to find this page.

Sorry for the crummy post.

I hope that you are having a more rewarding day than I.



Hunger Games News: Our 2 year anniversary!

Nowadays many many MANY people are fans of the HG series. But I remember a time when the world wasn’t like this, a time when nobody knew who Peeta Mellark was, a time when someone could look at a crossbow and not immediatley think Katniss, a time when I and a select few others made up the HG fandom. And now, two years later I have come to reflect on thi-…..

Just Kidding! But in all seriousness, I can’t believe that I’ve been an HG fangirl for almost two years! When I first started the series I had tried – in vain- to get my friends to read the series too. But all I had gotten were a bunch of, “Is it about cooking?”‘s and “Is it about people skipping breakfast?”‘s. And now every one is tripping over others to check out the book at the library.

I geuss people look at this situation two ways.

The first being the  group of people who hate when anything that they like becomes popular, so they jump the ship when it gets, “Too mainstream.” *Cough Cough* Twilight Fans.

And then there are the diehard fangirls (or fanboys) who will love and cherish The Hunger Games, until death do they part.

I like to think of myself as one of the latter.

So in honor of my two year anniversary with THG, and also in honor of the upcoming DVD release (August 18th),  I have decided to a top 5 Hunger Games moments! – first book only-

Starting with number 5!!! (Drumroll please)

The Reaping – The way Katniss saved Prim from going into the games was heart wrenching and honostly left me pondering if I would do such a thing for a sibling.

Also Haymitch falling off of the stage was pretty funny!

Number 4

When Clove was about to kill Katniss at the Feast – In the novel this moment was sooooo tense. And I think that Gary Ross did an amazing job capturing this in the movie. Plus I thought Isabelle Fuhrman was an AWESOME Clove, and Dayo Okeniyi an AMAZING Thresh. Even if he only did have one line, he just oozed Thresh-ness. Is that a word? I think I just made it one.

“Just this time 12!”

Number 3

The Cave- The WHOLE TIME. I’m just a romantic sap like that. Enough said.

Number 2

When Rue died – Granted, when I read the book I didn’t really tear up. But when I saw the movie last March, combined with the outbreak in District 11, I was bawling my eyes out and getting some pretty wierd looks from the people next to me…


And Finally

Number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Peeta proclaimed his love during the interview with Caesar Flickerman – OMG this honestly may have been the best few pages of a book I have ever read in my life! Prior to this part in the novel I was getting the impression that Peeta was a bit of a jerk, you know, for not wanted to train with Katniss. But when the truth came out… I literally threw my book across the room in shock. No lie. And I’m not afraid to admit it.


Well, thats the five, I hope you guys agree. And if anyone has any different fond HG memories please put them in the comments below.










Hello world!

My name is Katharine, but henceforth I shall be as K! At least here in this blog-isphere. I know I’m a dork. 😛 I am a avid – wait that word is not stong enough – I am a fervent reader, a enthusiastic fangirl, and an overall spazzy person. I’m not entirely sure what this blog is going to be about…. but I know its going to be legen – wait for it- dary!

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