New Year Resolutions

Despite my normally pessimistic tendencies, of which I have a lot, I fully embrace the coming of new year welcome the plethora of “New Year New Me” post that litter social media.
Every year I try to take the time to evaluate myself, and my previous year’s accomplishments, inevitably disappoint myself, and set a New Years Resolution, with the promise to do better.
This is what I am doing right now.
I want to become more active, in all aspects of the word. To be frankly honest, I approached this school year, my second school year, my junior year, the most important one, half-heatedly. When I could have been proactive, I was lackadaisical, sliding along.
This is where I draw the line! For this year, I vow to change.
I will approach exercise with the minimum amount of hesitancy possible
I will be aggressive with my schoolwork, so that I am not entirely ashamed when I apply to universities.
I will 50 books. This actually was my New Years Resolution Last year. I read 34.
And finally, I will restart this blog…. which I have forgotten about time over time and have left to collect dust in the catacombs of the internet.

New Year. New Me.


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